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Volume 1

Volume 1, Winter 2015

ISSN 2377-9977

Inaugural Issue


Editors’ Note


Samara Anne Cahill: “A ‘kind of impiety’: Deforestation, Sustainability, and Self in the Works of Samuel Richardson and Yuan Mei” Article PDF 

Ali Brox: “The Process of Disaster: Environmental Justice Discourse and Spike Lee’s When the Levees Broke” Article PDF 

Glenn Freeman: “Of Portages and Pedagogy” Article PDF 

Todd LeVasseur: “Is Trash Hybrid?” Article PDF 

Fabio Valenti Possamai: “Recognizing the Dualism to Overcome It: the Hybridization of Reality” Article PDF 

Laura BarbasRhoden: “Eco-Digital Pedagogies: Why and How Teaching the Green Humanities Can Shape Change” Article PDF 

Brad Warren and Patrick West: “The Creative Arts, Environmental Crises & Well-Being in Globalized Place: Methodological Considerations for an Ecocritical Mode of Practice-Based Research” Article PDF 

Field Notes 

Heather Swan: “Honeybees” Field Note PDF 


Guest Poetry Editor: Renée Ashley

Lily Brown: “Field Figure” (after: The Invisible Life of Small Things, by Cristina ToroPoem PDF 

Heather Swan: “Another Day Filled with Sleeves of Light” Poem PDF

Heather Lang: “speed of birds” Poem PDF

Terry Gifford: “Mobiles” Poem PDF

Donna J. Gelagotis Lee: “Pithy” Poem PDF

Robin Chapman: “Baneheia Park, Kristiansland” Poem PDF

Joel Weishaus: “Curing It” Poem PDF

Elizabeth Walden: “I Hear This Once Was a Prairie” Poem PDF

Jesse Curran: “Sustainability Studies” Poem PDF


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